We offer unbiased, unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market, giving due consideration to the full range of retail investment, pension and life products available in the marketplace which may be suitable for you.

We offer advice on an independent basis which means that we provide unbiased, unrestricted advice based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market, giving due consideration to the full range of retail investment, pension and life products available in the marketplace which may be suitable for you.


In addition, we also offer non-investment protection contracts e.g. term assurance, income protection and critical illness from a range of insurers.

You should be aware that investments carry varying degrees of risk and as their underlying value can fall as well as rise you may not get back the full amount invested.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates financial services in the UK and you can check our authorisation and permitted activities on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA’s website systems-reporting/register or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768.

The Advice Process

There are three core parts to our services and of these, only the first part is provided at our cost. Therefore the second and third parts (if applicable) are chargeable.

  1. An Initial Review                                                                             -   Our Cost

  2. Initial Advice and Implementation                                                 -   Chargeable

  3. Ongoing Management Services (where applicable)*                  -   Chargeable


* We will discuss if an ongoing service is suitable to your circumstances and if implemented, your right to cancel. An ongoing service is not compulsory and further details are set out in our Ongoing Service Proposition Agreement.

Part 1 - An Initial Review - At Our Cost

We offer you an initial discussion when we will describe our services more fully and explain the payment options to you. During this meeting we will review your personal and financial information via a process we refer to as Fact Finding. Part of the Fact Finding process also includes a Risk Profiling exercise when we will talk about the risk you are not only willing to take, but also what risks you are able to take.

The cost of this initial discussion is covered by us and there will be no charge to you.

At the end of the meeting we will discuss whether we feel we can be of help to you and whether you would like to engage our services. If you do, we will ask you to sign this document and we will confirm that the chargeable part of our service will now begin.

An Initial Review

Fact Finding & Risk Profiling

  • Gathering of information about your existing financial arrangements and full personal circumstances – we call this a Fact Finding process.

  • Understanding your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk – this process starts with the completion of a Risk Profiling questionnaire.

Part 2 - Our Initial Advice and Implementation - Chargeable

If you subsequently instruct us to proceed with providing advice, we will:

  • Analyse your personal financial information and take into account your aims and objectives.

  • Carry out extensive research of not only any existing plans you may have in place, but also different options available to you from the marketplace and seek to recommend the most suitable product for you. These products will match your investment objectives and allocated risk profile.

  • We will construct a Suitability Report for you, with copies of the research carried out and very likely meet again to discuss any action we think you should take and, with your agreement, arrange relevant solutions for you.

This process forms our initial advice and implementation stage.

The chargeable services are covered in more depth below – please ask us for further details if required. This is a three stage process:


Research and


  • Using the information we have received in Part 1, we will then contact the providers for information on any existing policies that you may have and review these against your objectives as agreed and start to formulate our recommendations.

  • In putting together our recommendations, we will review the UK retail marketplace as a whole and consider issues such as charges, financial strength of the provider and fund availability.

  • These issues are all important in deciding if the product we recommend can meet with your risk profile and investment objectives.


Presenting Our Recommendations

  • These findings will then be presented to you in a suitability report that will set out our recommendations to you.

  • For investments, these recommendations usually include building an asset allocation model that matches your risk profile and an assessment of the suitability of any existing holdings.

  • We will normally arrange a further appointment to explain and discuss our recommendations in detail.


Policy Arrangement & Implementation

  • Handle all fund and policy administration on your behalf.

  • Provide regular updates on your transaction to keep you informed.

  • Ensure all your documents are issued in line with your expectations.

  • Provide confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf in writing.

We charge for our services by way of a fee. These fees are based on the amount of work required to implement our advice and are typically calculated as a percentage of the amount you invest. This will always be shown to you as both a % and in £’s so you understand the amount you are paying.

These fees can be paid either direct by you, or can be facilitated from the product recommended.

For providing you with our Initial Advice and Implementation as required, Darnells Wealth Management Ltd charge a minimum fee of £500, irrespective of whether you take up our advice.